"It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes." Psalm 119:71

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Me Celebrate

In 17.5 hours I will sit down for my last chemo treatment. I have mixed feelings. I am so glad it will be over, but at the same time, I know I can't start celebrating until all the drugs are out of my system and I'm feeling better.

I told Micah that I needed to cut his hair today and he said, "When your hair grows back, can we get a haircut together?" When he said it I realized that my hair will start growing back in about a month (that might sound long to y'all, but not to me!). I know that being bald is uber easy, but I miss ponytails! I miss feeling feminine cause right now I've got absolutely no feelings of femininity. I mean c'mon- I've got no hair, I can't put on my bra without sticking a huge plastic mound into it first, and the Lupron injections have not only put me into temporary menopause, (We hope it's temporary anyway. Won't know what chemo did to me for sure for a few months) but are also causing increasingly worse hot-flashes as time goes on. Ain't that a pretty picture?

It's a good thing Terry and I are starting a marriage class at church tonight. Otherwise he might forget I'm his wife and start calling me "roomie," slapping me on the back, and belching more.

Ok, so I've got about a week and a half before chemotherapy and all of it's side effects are behind me. And then Terry and I are going to celebrate!!!

Thanks to my dad and Donna, we're partying Florida-style after radiation is over with a fantastic trip to Disney World!!! But the end of chemo deserves a celebration of its own! So here's where you all come in- Terry and I are very routine-oriented people. We do the same things at the same places all the time. And while that's great, we'd really like some suggestions from you fellow H-towners on where, when, and how to rejoice in this lovely, lovely ending!

Computer-savvy folks: leave your tips in the "comments" section. Those of you who never touched a computer until you sucked-it up and learned how to double-click just so you could read my blog- call me with your suggestions.

I look forward to getting your responses while I'm sick from MY VERY LAST CHEMO TREATMENT EVER!!!!


  1. YEA!!!!! LAST ONE!!! I am so excited for you! I took Lupron in 2006 and the hot flashes are NOOO fun! It sure does feel like you are in menopause! I am SOOO happy for you guys...going to Disney World How fun!! Love you!

  2. Well I've never been there, however I've heard Mark's is one of the nicest restaurants in town. I'm sure it's expensive, but maybe for a super special occasion, like maybe, I don't know, A LAST CHEMO TREATMENT, maybe you should splurge a little? :)
    Hmmm...are you just wanting restaurants? Or an event?

  3. A few weeks ago on Groupon there was a place for cooking classes that sounded so fun, but was a bit too pricey for a date night. I think it was like $40pp. Anyway, I can't find it now and I can't remember the name, but they had a lot of classes they offered, including a healthy cooking class. Knowing that you are changing your diet now, I didn't know if that sounded like fun for y'all. Just 1 min of research, I found the Urban Chef and they also do the healthy cooking, so I don't know, maybe that was them. Anyway - http://www.urbanchefhouston.com/classes/cooking-classes/cooking-for-health
    Not sure if that sounds fun to you or not, though! :)

  4. The Melting Pot is absolutely fabulous!!! It's a take-your-time kind of dinner with a really romantic atmosphere! It's pricey ($60/person), but SO fantastic! :)

  5. Oh yeah--and if you need hints for Disney, my cousin (a super-planner and supreme budget-er!) just got back with her family, and I could give you her email if you'd like! Lemme know!

  6. Okay another idea. :) Steven Curtis Chapman will be in Houston Oct. 7. I went to one of his concerts once, and it was very worshipful. Great way to praise God with all your heart after all He's taken you through these last months!
    And also, I have no clue if she's funny or not, but Chonda Pierce will be doing comedy Sept 25. (both are on ticket servant's website)

  7. Damians in downtown! It's a NICE Italian restaurant and do the chef's table-it's about $60 a person and it's like an 6 course meal and it's AMAZING.

    Celebrating with you!! SO very happy!

  8. Okay, I might be a few days later, but in case you haven't gone yet I vote for Brennan's downtown. We went there this weekend and it is wonderful (and not as pricey as we thought it was going to be)!


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