"It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes." Psalm 119:71

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I go to the hospital to check in for the MRI. Before I met the actual radiology nurse I came in to contact with 4 different administrative people. I asked each and every one of them if they were the ones with the Valium.

I'm not the most claustrophobic girl out there, but I do have a pretty big fear of tight spaces and so I wanted, and was assured I could get, something to calm me down.

The first three administrative people I met weren't amused by my pleading for narcotics. The fourth lady had a different response.
First she said, "Hi."
I said, "Hi. Are you the one with the Valium?"
She laughed a boisterous and dramatic laugh, one I would quickly become fond of in the five minutes we chatted. She said, "You want to know what my valium is?" And she snatched a piece of paper from my hand and began writing. "C-H-R-I-S-T."

I high-fived her. (Really, I did. This tendency to high-five comes out of me at the oddest times.) She began a scripture-filled monologue of how God is the ultimate healer and we, as fellow Capricorns (she'd glanced at the birthday on my chart) share the same zodiac sign as Jesus (here she jokingly reminded me that he was born on Christmas Day). She told me I was being used for the glory of God and that I was not allowed to have a sob story, just a testimony.

She was bubbly, silly, obviously proud of her God, and she had no trouble showing it. I was so happy she had been the one to talk with me today. She reminded me of how I should be sharing Christ. With enthusiasm and certainty! Vivian, if we ever cross paths again I've got to thank you for being so great!

Oh yeah- the MRI went ok, despite me having to do it face down. I will share the humilation of getting a chest-MRI wih you ladies out there some time. But, in the end the valium helped. The MRI started and the loud banging came with it and I thought, "Ok, I've got to pray to keep my mind off of where I am. Ok... pray. Pray... hmmm. What should I pray for? Jesus.... Jesus..... Jesus, thank you for valium!"


  1. And it's stories like these that make me glad to have a friend like you!

  2. I love it that you high-fived her. That is so random.

  3. Sara, this is Mr.. Green, Niks Dad. I have read your blogging and just want to tell you how proud of you I am. You are showing the world such faith. Sara, while we certainly never want challenges like this, God is certainly powerful and fights the battle for us. Sara, the great gift of faith is growing in you and that faith in Jesus will carry you to victory over cancer. The cancer may be meant for harm but Jesus is showing the world thru you what being a real woman of faith is all about. You are about living not just surviving, Sara you will come forth from this with a wonderful story. You are a woman of faith and no illness will steal that from one of God the Fathers daughters. God bless you and Terry


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