"It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes." Psalm 119:71

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you have cancer?

We're still celebrating yesterday's good news! Even though the cancer has not spread passed the nodes and the doctor says "technically" I'm in remission, we will still be doing treatment because I am a "high risk" for recurrence. If we stopped my treatment now, having cut out the tumor and affected nodes, there is an 85 to 90% chance that it would pop up again at some point. So, each treatment we do will lower those odds. I officially start chemo a week from tomorrow (I guess in the medical profession "the latest next Tuesday" really means Thursday!). It's a TAC regimen which I'll explain more about later.

On the way home from the doctor Terry and I talked about our new perspective on what's really important and how we hope to never lose that. Below, Terry's written a bit about how he feels. (This cancer is ground-breaking stuff! It's gotten my mom to finally learn how to text and now Terry's writing! Can't begin to imagine what will happen next!) -Sarah

There are not enough words to describe the emotional roller coaster ride I (Terry) have been on the last 3 weeks. I am ready to get off this ride, but I sit here and realize that we are just at another steep incline clicking upwards anticipating another round of turns, twists, ups, and downs.

But with all these ups and downs, I have been growing in Christ. I have a new perspective that I wish I could give to everyone I know. But how do I do that? I am searching for God to open my heart to where I am needed to serve.

So while I wait for that one, here's a thought for you. Without a life-threatening disease, how do you get a new perspective? Maybe you don't have a cancer that is eating away at your earthly body, but do you have a cancer that's eating away at your spiritual body? Do you know someone who doesn't see their cancer? How can you help them see? Listen to Lord. He will guide you.

I can't stop thinking about a statement from the "Truth Project" that said: What if you REALLY believed that what you believe is REALLY real?

So often this country and culture preaches that what feels good can't be wrong. We accept lies and we let them fester and start believing them. When we start to believe the lies, we then begin to defend those lies. Are you defending lies of this culture because it feels good?

I pray that you aren't reading this as, "poor Terry, his wife has cancer, we will let him say these things but not take them to heart." We should not be living for this world, but living for the next and it has taken cancer to show me what I have known all along but chose to ignore for those good, earthly feelings. I hope it doesn't take something as extreme as true cancer for you to fight for what is real truth.


  1. VERY good lesson, Terry! Thanks for that. It is so true - I am learning so much through this, and it's not even directly happening to me. I can't begin to imagine all that God is teaching y'all daily.

  2. I am a friend of a friend, but since Emily posted your story, I have read it almost daily. It seems I have many sick friends right now and each has given me a new perspective of this life we are given. It is truly precious and God is with us every step of the way. I am praying for you daily. Since you are children of God, I know He's taking care of you. We never know what adventure He has planned for us.

  3. Terry, you should write more often. What powerful words and how eloquently spoken. Thank you so much for the reminder of things I take for granted.

  4. Terry, what you wrote is so true. Steve and I have been learning many lessons lately and all of them point to how far we are from living life as a true disciple of Christ as described in Scripture. Thankfully, we have been able to begin this learning process without something as difficult as you and Sarah have been through. I am praying for both of you as you continue down this difficult road and continue to learn how to live the real truth in your lives.


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