"It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes." Psalm 119:71

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What My Cancer Looks Like

My window of cards. I've got more cards than there are days since my diagnosis. Cool, huh? And I added two more to the window since taking this picture this afternoon!

Hospital bracelets from two surgeries. The pink one is to remind hospital staff, "STOP, don't use this arm for blood pressure or I.V.s!" (Due to lympectomy I can never have these procedures done on my left arm.)

Pain meds and bandages. Fun.

The mammogram film of my actual tumor. I know, I know, 'ewww, yuck!'
My "cancer library" full of books and pamphlets from all of you. Thanks!

This is the blanket the "Teen Angels" from Angels in Action at Copperfield Church made me. Pretty, huh? And this pillow is the one I use to prop my arm up to minimize discomfort.

We've been inundated with SWEETS! I've got a pie and cake in the fridge, too!

My phone has to be charging constantly. If it's not, the battery dies quickly from all of the phone calls I have to make (and because of those encouraging calls/texts y'all send. Keep 'em comin'!

Several people have brought us disposable plates and silverware. So helpful!

(I had to include a photo of Caleb walking!! Isn't he cute?)

5 head scarves. 2 I bought myself, 3 given to me as gifts.

I know it's hard to tell what this picture is. The top line is where my portocath is (ugh), the line near the bottom is a rash from the bandage over the portacath. And of course, you can see some of my lovely bandage sticking out from the mastectomy site.

My notecards with specific scriptures Terry and I chose that were of the most comfort.

The pink bracelet is from the Brewers (although Liv and Mel had the same idea!) and the purple one is from Paul. Paul is an amazing man who is currently dedicating his life to support others after their cancer diagnosis. (You'll hear more on him later!) He came with me and Terry to our last appointment when I was nearly crippled with fear over the PET scan results. After we spoke to the oncologist, Paul told me he hadn't taken this bracelet off for four years (since, he, himself became a cancer survivor) but that he wanted to give it to me! Nothing I can type could even come close to how I felt to receive such a gift! The bracelet says, "Be strong in the Lord."
I had to include this photo of my cluttered house beyond my feet. After all, I've still got two toddlers at home. We live amongst toys!

*One quick prayer request: The PET scan that is typical of breast cancer patients, does not go down the full length of the legs. So at my appointment, I showed my oncologist a lump that's recently appeared on my left ankle. He felt it, said not to worry, but to watch it to see if it grows. I'm worried, of course, that it might be another tumor. I can't "just watch it" so I'm calling tomorrow to ask how we can test it. I need it removed in order to exhale and move on. Please continue to pray for my health, specifically asking that the lump be nothing cancer-related. Thank you!


  1. Fun post! I meant to tell you yesterday that your house is really clean - I think that's why Annabel was so happy to crawl around your living for so long. Ours...not so much.

  2. Enjoyed the post. Can't wait to see you. I told your mom, I am only 2 hours away. I can take a day off and come clean or do whatever you need done. Just let me know when. Shaenelle leaves for Chile next wednesday so we are taking her to the airport. If you are up to it, maybe we can come by and pray with you both. Just let me know.


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